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Smile, you're in Malawi

Malawi maybe be financially poor, but its rich in happiness!

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Following the mighty exploits of Tanzania I found myself wondering how Malawi could possible keep the group happy.

What we found was the most laid back and chilled out people I have ever met. In the west the children are miserable because they don't have the latest Jallopi to hit the shelves of Toys r Us, the latest footballers dodgy hair-cut or a Yappy Dog like Madrid Marriot, (or whatever her name is?).

Come to Malawi and you'll find smiling children happy making their own adventures and inviting locals ready to tell you about their day to day life. I'm not pretending I saw it all, and I know Malawi is desperately poor but the people are happy despite all their woes.

We camped at a couple of different site down the banks of the colossal lake Malawi, which is more like an inland sea. From the first camp we went fishing after a messy night (another birthday on the truck). A trip in a dug-out canoe will sober you up very quickly:

We didn't actually catch anything in our boat, but we'll pretend these are ours:

The following day we set off for another camp further down the lake, which was huge, so we all spread out and found private spots:

The following few days were filled with various activities: Beach Cricket, Kayaking, watching a few Movies, The Six Nations, and some football (Yes they have Satelite Tv in Malawian campsites).

Everyone seemed to be astounded at how nice the lakes beaches were:

We found out due to the heavy rains we'd seen most mornings whilst in Malawi that a bridge had been washed out and we'd stay an extra day at the camp as the next was inaccessible. A local band came along that night and armed with a Guitar, and a few paint pots played some superb music whilst some of them dance around the camp fire:

The next day was the epic Kayaking trip... only made epic because I had a leek in my Kayak and it wouldn't go straight adding over an hour onto the journey and very sore right shoulder from pressure steering. Nonetheless the lads made it to the island and back and got in some good Snorkeling and rock diving/bombing:

That night a few of us watched the film Into the Wild, which is a great traveling film if a little grim in the end. The music from Malawi can only be Eddie Vedder:

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